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Let's make the world smile, one person at a time together!


We honor your contribution and make every little bit go a long way!

Our goal is to improve the lives of underserved people around the world through our charity work. You can support us in this journey of saving and improving lives by giving to For World Wide Smiles.

We appreciate your goodwill and generosity. If you are interested in knowing how your contribution was spent in our humanitarian projects, please contact us.

Examples of how donations

make a difference:

  • Providing medical supplies to clinics and hospitals with limited resources. This can be anything from blood pressure cuffs to a dental chair or an X-ray machine.  

  • Contributing to FWWS’s ambitious project of building a hospital in Kasese, Uganda which will be operated by volunteers and serve local Ugandans free of charge.

  • Supporting FWWS in the building of two residental houses for volunteers, in Kasese and Kampala, Uganda.